Scoble – Fish Slap Calm Me

50FirstDates-MoviePoster50FirstDates-Walrus In Robert’s post, What I learned, he states, “Fish Slap Calm Me,” ok not really, but that would have been funny.

In his post Robert outlines the mistakes he felt he made with the videos he posted concerning the direction of what he calls Social Graph Search. I referenced some of the sensationalism and personal attacks that followed this conversation in my post Sometimes the Conversation is a Slap in the Face. For my post I added the face slap with fish picture, so now whenever I think of my post, I immediately think “Fish slap calm me” from 50 First Dates. BTW – 50 First Dates is a really funny movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymoore, but I digress.

Robert posts a list of the 20 mistakes he made in creating the video. From his post:

Of COURSE I made a mistake. Anytime you open yourself up to personal attacks the kinds of which have been made on me the past few days that’s explicit evidence that I made a mistake in some kind of judgment. Even I get that. Especially punctuated when you get really smart people like Danny or you to attack.

But Dave’s right. Time to make an accounting of the mistakes and things I have learned.

I think the ideas that Robert generated were reasonable, yet for some reason part of the response generated was of the tone that Robert is some kind of madman. I understand people responding to his ideas, but I don’t think the personal attacks were warranted or necessary, even with Dave Winer’s talk of colorful language. I don’t mind a bit of colorful language, I used some in the title of this post, but that doesn’t mean the responses need to be personal.

Robert also detailed his argument in a written list, acknowledging that using video as the message medium, some people were unwilling to invest the time to watch the video. He states he is using different mediums for his messages, and video is the message he choose for this content.

I find this post to be an interesting, insightful accounting of the last few days for Robert. As always, I wish him the best of luck and will continue to follow his posts.


2 Responses to “Scoble – Fish Slap Calm Me”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    I definitely agree that people should not have resorted to personal attacks. I think online communication makes it easier for some to act like complete jerks. It’s great that he was able to admit his mistakes some people would not have done that.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Dave Winer talks about how bloggers use ‘colorful language.’ I agree that colorful language does add a bit of spice blogging, but that does not mean you have to resort to comments that are abusive or insensitive.

    That is one of the attributes that I find pretty impressive about Robert, he is really willing to own the press he recieves, both positive and negative. I hope to be as gracious when I recieve such harsh criticism.

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