Horse and People Horse Show

This past week, Nicole has been competing in the Horse and People Horse Show in Wilsonville, Oregon. This is another A level show similar to the Early Summer Hunter Jumper Classic she competed in, this past June. At this show she is riding a horse she started riding after the show in June, and she still managed to receive two first place ribbons, as well as quite a few others.

These shows are 5 days long. As Shannon and I recently took vacation, we were only able to watch her on Saturday and Sunday the final two days.

I posted pictures of the Eclipse Team led by Kathleen Dodd on my flickr account.

Here is a picture of Nicole Jumping on Strip who shows a Any Time Any Where.

Nicole and Strip Jumping

Nicole on the final day of the show. Don’t let the pretty in pink deceive you, she is fiercely competitive.

Here is a picture of Nicole and Strip with her 2 first place ribbons they won during the competition. She won others, but she was most excited about the 2 first place.

These shows are long days for Nicole. She gets up at 5:30 or 6 to be out at the show by 7:00 am. The Eclipse team then stays at the show until 5 when the horses get their last meal of the day. Nicole is usually home by about 7 or 8. While at the show, the girls work hard to get everything prepared for the shows.

Nicole was upset that the day we came to watch, she did not do as well as the days before. She wanted to put her best foot forward to show her parents how far she has progressed. She needs to remember, and yes I do remind her that we are proud of her for getting out and trying her best. She has sure come and long way this past year and Shannon and I are very proud of how far she has come.


5 Responses to “Horse and People Horse Show”

  1. teeni Says:

    Wow. Your daughter does work hard (I know those shows aren’t easy to prepare for – a friend of mine’s daughter is also into horses and now she teaches). It’s a wonderful thing for a young lady to be involved in. I love how dainty the horse looks in the second picture with it’s legs crossed in front, but my favorite is the last picture. Your daughter is adorable and that is just a fun and relaxed pic!

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Nicole works very hard. This summer she spends 5 days a week at the barn, 3 full days during the week and half days on the weekend. She is very dedicated to the sport.

    The last couple of years, Nicole has learned a lot concerning hard work and goals. These shows are pretty stressful, and it definitely takes a toll on the girls.

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    Much congrats to your lovely daughter Nicole! She has done well. Every time I see pictures of her with horses I think of my father telling me years later, “Opal, You know we could have received a horse for free when you and your brother were young although we could have afforded it….

    Somehow I did not hear anymore after that, lol. I love horses well almost any animal actually but to have a horse, Gah!ê

  4. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Nicole has worked very hard these past five years. I started waiting for her to get hurt to see if she would stick with it – she went years without an injury and was starting to get cocky.
    Almost two years ago, she got thrown off the horse into a wall and got pretty banged up. She was pretty tentative for a couple of months but was back to normal after that.
    Shannon and I just wished that horses weren’t so dang expensive.

  5. Cody McArthur Says:

    It is a great experience for young people to have the responsibility to care for and ride horses. My wife grew up doing the same and she stayed out of trouble in her youth and is a wonderful horsewoman today. Great job! You should be proud!

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