What’s in your Bag?

Jeremiah Owyang posted What’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition about what he carries in his backpack on a day to day basis. Click the picture to go to the flickr page that documents all this gear. Jeremiah’s post details the gear in his backpack, camera bag, and cell phone. The goal of this equipment is to have a ready to publish multimedia platform, any time, any where. Click on the photograph to see the photo on flickr with the contents of the backpack documented.

In the comments Scott Beale founder and main tentacle of Laughing Squid links to his post Timbuk2 Hacker Bag, The Ultimate Vertical Laptop Bag, where he details the contents of his new Timbuk2 Hacker bag.


Clicking on the photograph above will take you to the post on flickr that documents all the gear Scott includes in his bag.

I thought these posts offered a rare opportunity to get a glimpse at the gear of successful people. Having access to this kind of information let’s you know what successful people are carrying, and gives you ideas of what you will and won’t carry. Both these posts and photographs are worth clicking the links for some great information.

I currently have a Tumi leather backpack that I like and I have had for almost 10 years, but I need a bag that offers more room. Looking at these posts from Jeremiah and Scott offer great insight into what these multimedia oriented bloggers are carrying, and makes me start digging in my bag.


10 Responses to “What’s in your Bag?”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    LOL my bag looked a lot like tht when I worked out of the home. I used a Brenthaven Pro. Its made of canvas (I think) and it’s very sturdy. My MacBook Pro is very well protected. It only get used when I’m going on vacation.

    You should post what’s in your bag? I think I’ll post what is in my bag when I travel.

    Yah know I don’t think my business card is in Jeremiah’s pile! 😉 Thanks for mentioning his blog to me. He’s another great blogger I read him through my RSS Feed.

    Scott has a MacBook Pro! Sweet! I’ll have to check out his website. I’ve heard of the Laughing Squid, but I don’t know too much about it. It looks like he enjoys taking pictures also. Sweet! I need to post more of mine. I easily take over 1,000 pictures on a weekly basis.

  2. teeni Says:

    I imagine a photo journalist would have the same sort of gear in their backpack! I guess it is very similar to blogging in a way. Especially when you want to get info out to your loyal readers in a timely fashion.

    Thomas – thanks for playing volley-blog and that is fine to not mention it in the post – your posts are much more serious and technical than mine which is one of the reasons I think it is interesting to “play” this between them. I’m just a people person and love games – can you tell?!! I’ll let you know when I’ve done my volley – might be a couple days – this one is a tough one to follow! 😉

  3. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I think it is pretty cool to get a snapshot of what is in other people’s bag. It can really give you an idea of what you should / shouldn’t be carrying. If you have clicked and looked at the pictures on flickr, you see very detailed documentation of the contents of the bag.

    teeni – The idea of volleyblog sounds pretty interesting. If you noticed I like to be obtuse about how I connect the dots, and this post seemed like a way to do that.
    Thomas – Well Wishes > teeni – Cell Phones > Thomas – What’s in your bag
    Depending on the tone of the next post I may or may not call it out, and just leave a comment on your blog as I did this time. Having to read someone’s blog post for ideas is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing.

    BTW- the ball ‘blog post’ is in your court.

  4. teeni Says:

    LOL. Okay, Thomas – I’ve got the ball in my court. Give me a day or two and I’ll get it back to your side! I’m glad you ended up liking the idea of playing. I’m just full of great ideas. LOL. Now I just gotta get someone to pay me for them! 😉

  5. An Old Bag and an Amusement Park « vaguetarian tea room Says:

    […] part of an ongoing game of volley-blog that I’m playing with Thomas and was inspired by his What’s in Your Bag post. Curious? I’ll be posting more details on playing volley-blog very […]

  6. teeni Says:

    There ya go! The ball is now back in your court. I’m going to try and put some “rules” together so how do you feel about this – the volley post can be inspired by any post on the blog that is on the same day or more recent (no sense going backwards) and if a new post isn’t inspired within two weeks then you “lose the serve.” Let me know what you think.

  7. teeni Says:

    actually that should say “within the same week” not on the same day. oops

  8. Thomas Says:

    teeni – I think those rules are a little too liberal. For volleyblog I think that you have to go off of the post that responds to yours, and the post has to be at least 3 paragraphs. It doesn’t have to be huge, but there needs to be enough content to generate an idea.
    I do agree with 2 weeks to create a post if it is in your court. Initially let’s try this for a month and see how we do.

  9. teeni Says:

    Okay – works for me, Thomas. I just didn’t want to put too much pressure on you as you already write such technical stuff and my blog isn’t really technical at all, but I see you are into the “game” now and up for the challenge so that is fine with me! LOL These rules look good and we can tweak if need be – after all this is all new. “GAME ON!!!!” 😉

  10. Alejandra McElroy Says:

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