Problems with Feeds and Technorati

I have noticed the last week or so, that I am having trouble with my feeds and Technorati. I have noticed that my posts are not showing up in a timely fashion.

It took almost 3 days for a post to show up on Technorati, and almost 12 hours for a post to be delivered through my feed.

I am not sure what is causing these issues, but I will have to ask WordPress tech support why I am having these issues. I have had good luck with using WordPress tech support so far.

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3 Responses to “Problems with Feeds and Technorati”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    Hmm, I wonder if mine is like that? I rarely check my posts on Technorati. I noticed the free version of WP ws acting weird today. I tried to comment on your blog, teeni’s, and Harmonia’s and I was unable to do so.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Yeah I have had wierd problems the last couple of days. I had problems with posting, then posts were getting marked as spam, but I couldn’t moderate them.

    I will say that WordPress has answered my questions and issues within 24 hours, but it seems like there are a few problems lately.

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    I know WP are getting ready to do release a big updated so perhaps that is one of the issues? I know another update was released a few days ago and the free WP users are automatically updated.

    I haven’t had a problem with mine but I have it on my server. I did locate a WordPress PlugIn that was slowing my website down. I had to remove it quite a few people (who had slow systems) weren’t able to log on at all.

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