David Airey Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Offers 4K in Prizes


David Airey, an Irish Designer and friend of mine, is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his blog. Does he want presents, cash, or for you to buy him a pint . . .  NO, he is offering over $4,000 in prizes. David has an excellent blog on graphic design and advertising.

This contest is a perfect demonstration that David really understands Social Networking. His contest is gaining notoriety and momentum on multiple levels.

  • He started with his post 1 year anniversary prize giveaway asking if people wanted to donate prizes for advertising. Apparently this worked well, he has $4,000 in prizes to give away.
  • To enter the contest you need to blog about it, like I am doing now (what . . . I like prizes) creating more links and additional advertising for himself and those that donated prizes.

YAY Prizes

A sample of some of the prizes being offered, from David’s site:

GoldMedal Gold Award

  • Custom WordPress theme design from Nate Whitehill of Nate Whitehill dot Com. It’s vital to set yourself apart from the crowd, and Nate will help a great deal with your very own custom WordPress theme.
  • Personal marketing / advertising plan from Maki of Dosh Dosh. Maki is an expert where blog advertising is concerned, and he is kindly donating his time to help you make the most of your new custom blog.
  • One year’s hosting and blog setup from John Boardley of I Love Typography. John has kindly donated his time and will do everything you need to get your new custom blog hosted on one of Media Temple’s dedicated servers.
  • Signed copy of Blogging Tips by Lorelle VanFossen of Lorelle on WordPress. I bought this book myself, and it contains excellent blogging tips for beginners to pros.

    SilverMedal Silver Award

  • A second logo design from Tara Roskell of Graphic Design Blog. You only need to visit Graphic Design Blog to realise that Tara really knows a lot about great design.
  • Website critique from Randa Clay of Randa Clay Design. If you want some expert advice on how to improve your website design, you won’t be disappointed by this offering.
  • One hour SEO consultation with Lyndon Antcliff of Cornwall SEO. Lyndon will conduct a Skype consultation with the winner of this prize, and he comes highly recommended for search engine optimisation and linkbaiting.
  • $60 of books from Amazon courtesy of Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. Is there a book you’ve been meaning to buy on Amazon? How about getting it free? A great donation from a professional blogger.

    BronzeMedal Bronze Award

  • Logo / blog header design from Jonathan-C. Phillips of Smart Wealthy Rich. Jonathan has donated his expert skills to help your blog stand out from the crowd.
  • One hour blog optimization consultation with Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips. This consultation will cover design, SEO, monetization and blogging strategy, from the author of one of blogging’s most useful resources.
  • Revolution Premium WordPress theme package (personal package) from Brian Gardner, WordPress designer and consultant. Brian’s WordPress skills are second to none.
  • Blog review and email interview published on Make It Great! with Phil Gerbyshak. The man to ‘make it great’ will critique your blog and feature you on his very own PR5 blog.
  • There are also quite a few bonus prizes being offered that are worth checking out.

    How to Enter

    The deadline for entry is Wednesday September 26th, 2007.

    Entering is as easy as writing a blog post about the contest as I have done here. There is also opportunity for additional entries. If you are interested, head over and find out how to enter by reading the details on David’s graphic design blog. Personally I would love to win a logo design. I have been toying with some logos for ScissorMonkey, but don’t quite have what I want yet.

    Even if you are not interested in entering the contest, David has an excellent blog that is worth checking out.

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    4 Responses to “David Airey Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Offers 4K in Prizes”

    1. David Airey Says:

      Great of you to join in, Thomas!

      I’ve wondered about your logo design on previous visits here. Best of luck in the draw.

    2. Thomas Says:

      David – Congrats on the 1 year – with the great work you are doing on your blog, I am happy to join in.

      Thanks for the well wishes about the logo, I am definitely ready for that next level of branding.

    3. Opal Tribble Says:

      I saw that I might participate. I did not know David was Irish. I’m part Irish so is my daughter. Her father was Indian and Irish.

    4. Thomas Says:

      Opal – Lots of prizes to possible win if you enter. I knew David was Irish from his Face Behind the Blog meme, I did not realize you were part Irish. You learn more about your friends all the time.

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