Chris Rock’s Take on the Tasered Florida Student

In case you have been hiding under a rock, you should know about the University of Florida Student who was tasered while asking questions of John Kerry.

Watching the video, the student was asking questions about Kerry being involved in Skull and Bones secret society. He was hogging the microphone and was asked repeatedly to wrap it up. The student continued his line of questioning. When his microphone was turned off, he continued to be confrontational.

I could editorialize, and say what I think went wrong, but I will just have you watch the following videos:

University of Florida Student getting tasered by police:

Chris Rock’s public service for how not to get your ass kicked by the police, was the first thing I though of as I was watching the video of the Florida student.

I will let you draw your own conclusions, but I will say when dealing with the police being polite will definitely help the situation go smoother.


9 Responses to “Chris Rock’s Take on the Tasered Florida Student”

  1. teeni Says:

    That Chris Rock clip was a riot. As far as the University of Florida student goes, I think he should have taken the hint when his microphone was turned off but on the other hand, with four to six of the officers holding him down I can’t see why he needed to be tasered. The temptation to misuse those things is way too irresistable and they have been getting used way too often in my opinion. I think they should be banned from use except in the case of a hot pursuit where someone is actively running away.

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Personally I think the student needed to take the hint and STFU. I think the Chris Rock video demonstrates the lack of respect that people can have over police officers. People disrepect the police, and then are surprised when the suffer the consequences.

    Not being there, it appears the student is flailing around on the ground. He even states ‘Don’t tase me bro’ meaning he saw the smackdown coming, but did not alter his behavior.

    Police don’t know when behavior like this is going to escalate, I think it is fair that they try and stop it early to ensure public safety. Being a police officer is a job faced with difficult decisions, and I sure wouldn’t want to do it.

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    I wonder if Kerry ever answered the question? It does seem like the first video is over the top. I’m still wondering why they stopped him from answering a simple question? It seems that just escalated the situation.

    I have mixed feelings about the second video although I see the humor I think he oversimplifies the situation. Why? I just hope it does not make some people think that the violence done by police towards anyone is justified. That’s not always the case.

    I guess I have seen too much of the bad things that have happened with people just minding their business for me to really laugh at the video because police brutality isn’t does happen often.

    In my early twenties I lived downtown, in a very bad section, for two years. I was incredibly naive and living out in the county all my life I had no idea that section of the city was “bad”. I thought all the city was the same. I got a up close and personal look at how the other half lived. I saw people strung up on drugs, shootings, fights, openly selling drugs, etc.,

    Sure I saw instances where police force was justified but I also saw many instances when those in positions of authority abused that power. Most people would believe the person in authority over someone who is shabbily dressed, poor, homeless, etc.,

    I’m grateful for that type of exposure since it gave me a better understanding of why some may have such animosity towards people in authority. It’s hard to convince someone that this is not always the case when they see justified violence constantly in their neighborhood. I saw it the brief time I lived there. Some of them don’t know who to trust. It’s sad.

    What was truly upsetting was hearing my mentee’s tell similar tales of what they had seen being done to family members by people in positions of authority. They live in a very poor, extremely violent section of the city.

    In some cases the family members were definitely wrong but there were other cases when the officer was taken advantage of their power. There was a scene in Boys in The Hood where this situation was addressed (police violence) my only regret is that they did not make part longer.

    As with any other profession you’ll have people that should not be in that position because they can and do abuse it. I have seen first hand when people have done nothing and weren’t handled too nicely by police officers.

    A few months ago here in Maryland there was a case involving a woman who was man handled by some police officers. I was fairly active in making sure this officer was brought to justice.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I had this whole response typed out, and I hit R which reloaded the page and I lost my content – arrrggg.

    Kerry was in the process of trying to answer the question when the incident occurred.

    I do understand what you mean about issues with the police. Living in East Side Oakland and riding Harley’s I am familiar with dealing with police. I have even had guns drawn on me, but being polite, and doing what was asked, I managed to get through the situtation with minimal problems, and no gunshots wounds.

    It does seem that the police does seem to attract certain kinds of authoritarian type people. But this is not all of them. I have found in my dealings with the police, if I treated them decently and with respect, I received the same in return.

    I see this incident having a couple of problems.
    1 – ‘Don’t tase me bro guy,’ DTMBG did not behave appropriately in a high profile event.
    2 – DTMBG did not take the hint that his turn was over, and relinquish the microphone.
    3 – DTMBG would not be escorted out of the incident quietly and started refusing requests made by the police.
    4 – Security did not have firm control of DTMBG to properly escort him out.
    5 – DTMBG continued to escalate his refusal to go with security.

    I see this as a problem on both sides. It seems that typically public opinion is against the police. But as I mentioned I would not want their job. They have to deal with many situations, and when people start to escalate it is not always easy to know what to do.

    When my wife and I were in Amsterdam, we noticed the police do not carry guns. When people behaved inappropriately the police would ask the person ‘do they need assistance?’ It was at this point, the person would evaluate their behavior, realize it was unappropriate, correct their behavior and apologize. It is this self regulation that it seems people in the states have trouble with. It seems we don’t like to be confronted, or have our behavior questioned, and when it is, we respond aggressively.

    I see the underlying problem, being an issue of respect
    – Respect for others, both above and below us in authority.
    – Respect for ourselves.
    – Respect for our community.

  5. teeni Says:

    I agree with you 100% on the respect and also that, not having been there, I can’t be sure of how things went down so my immediate reaction could have been totally off. I also agree that police work is a rough job and I have respect for the profession. But I’ve also seen authority abused and I still feel that tasers are too easily reached for. OOooooooh – Thomas – why’d you have to post this? It’s got me all riled up and all over the place emotionally. LOL. I guess that makes it a good post, huh? 😉

  6. Opal Tribble Says:

    I agree with the you got to give respect to get respect and I know all officers aren’t like that. I’m thinking of a few that don’t follow the rules. I have seen where people responded respectfully and still got handled roughly.

    These particular officers had obviously formed an inaccurate opinion about the people I’m referring to and regardless of how respectful they were towards them it just was not good enough. That’s not right. In a perfect world listening to a person in authority would have worked.

    Some officers don’t need to be wearing that badge because they do abuse their position. That holds true in any profession. I met quite a few loose cannons in my positions I tried to do my best to stay out of their way since I did not want to be around when they “blew up”. 🙂

  7. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Your comment is a perfect example of the dialogue that I was trying to generate with this post. I am fortunate that there is a great community around my blog, that is able to discuss even a emotionally laden topic such as this while still being decent.

    Opal – I agree that you can get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by those who abuse authority, and you are right that these aren’t just limited to those in the police. I have to admit as I have gotten older, my views on the police have mellowed a bit. I think of ‘Trust but verify.’

    For some reason your last comment posted twice. To keep the conversation tidy, I deleted the first post. I know that an upgraded was performed on WordPress that affected comments, so I thought I would clean this up, but I didn’t want to do it without saying something.

  8. Deanna Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I missed the news stuff and am now getting caught up. As a former PO I appreciate your point of vuew, and as a former protester I appreciate it also (ah, hte misadventures of youth). The Chris Rock video is dead on, it’s so much easeir and less painful to be respectful, even if the PO is wrong, its a bad idea to remind them when their adreniline is running and they think you may do something really dangerous. Once in a while you get a real neandrathal, but most of the ones I know are real folks with the same issues we have and a really hard job.

  9. Thomas Says:

    Deanna – I can’t believe you missed the news on ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro.’ An important issue that you mentioned, is dealing with the police is the wrong time to be confrontational. They are in the position of power, and you will not ‘win’ the encounter.

    From hippie to PO, I would expect no less 😉

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