Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 has Video

I have been pretty busy lately, preparing for the release of Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007. I am finalizing my content to ensure that my group is properly prepared to work with the upcoming release.

Video is one of features new to Office Live Meeting 2007. There are two types of video available for use in OLM 2007.

  • Active Presenter Video
  • Multimedia Content

Active Presenter Video

Broadcasting the webcam of a presenter during the online meeting. A presenter starts their webcam, and attendees will be able to see the streaming live video. This live video can be added to the recording of the event and viewed during playback. This allows one more method of interaction between presenters and attendees.


Multimedia as content

Multimedia can now be viewed in the client as any other content. The media files are uploaded like typical content, and then can be viewed by all participants. Playback can be controlled by the presenter, or attendees can be given control of their own playback. Adding multimedia to the presentation can add another dimension to the event.

Β lm8-prstrcnsl-multimedia

The screen shot for multimedia is a video from Laura Foy of Channel 10 Microsoft’s 360 degree camera creates panoramic views, a post about Roundtable, a panoramic video system that also works with OLM 2007.

I did a quick overview of the other features in my post Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 – Quick Preview. If your company does any type of meetings over the web, or is looking into the, you should definitely download the client and check out Office Life Meeting 2007.

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6 Responses to “Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 has Video”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    Live meetings have come a long way, haven’t they?
    Regarding my videos…
    I’m still trying to find a suitable software to compress my videos. The files are large. I use a HD camcorder. Of course I haven’t had any problems with copying them to DVD’s but simply adding them to the web…I really need to find a way to compress. I’ll have to see if I can do it in Final Cut Express actually I think I did it before I just need to remember how.

  2. Little Things Mean A Lot Says:

    […] inspired me to share a photo of myself? Thomas-Technical Blogger and Bush Mackel had both posted recent photos of […]

  3. teeni Says:

    Hey – where’s the smile? πŸ˜‰

  4. Thomas Says:

    teeni – My workload has been pretty heavy lately, and my focused look appears a little stern.

  5. sibir Says:

    What resolution and framerates does OLM 2007 supporty (given a decent cam)?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    When was Office Live Meeting 2007 finally released?

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