Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 – Handouts and Shared Notes

A few features new to Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 include Handouts and Shared Notes. These are features that allow greater interaction between presenter and attendees during the event. The new version of Office Live Meeting includes quite a few methods for interacting with participants. Using these features can turn a lifeless event, into a dynamic, interactive presentation.


Handouts allow additional content to be uploaded that event participants can download. This could include additional information pertinent to the meeting, such as code samples or specifications.

Handouts can be uploaded and then the participants can download the handouts when desired.


Shared Notes

Shared Notes is a text editor, that all participants can use to type notes. Clicking the Shared Notes icon in the upper right hand Command bar will display the Shared Notes window. Any user that displays the window will be able to type content using this basic text editor.

In smaller meetings this works fine, but in larger meetings, this could turn into a ‘Ted Nugent Double Live Free For All‘ very quickly. If this feature would be used for a larger meeting, ground rules should probably be set for its usage to ensure the feature is useful and not distracting.

Note: Kudos to me for the Terrible Ted reference.

At the end of the meeting, these notes can then be saved locally. This tool could be used to capture ideas while the event is running.




Permissions can be set, to allow different levels of interaction with these features. Permissions can be set as follows:


  • Download only
  • Upload and download
  • Not available

Shared Notes

  • View, Save
  • View, Save, edit
  • Not available

Set permissions as appropriate to your audience.

I did a quick overview of the other features in my post Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 – Quick Preview. If your company does any type of meetings over the web, or is looking into the, you should download the client and check out Office Life Meeting 2007.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 – Handouts and Shared Notes”

  1. Teresa Liesenfeld Says:

    I conducted a Live Meeting today with several handouts. Is there a way for those that listen to the recording to also access the handouts? I checked a previous recording and don’t see where attendees could find the handouts in the recording mode.

  2. Pat Says:

    How do you upload the handouts before the Live Meeting session begins?

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