New WOW Weapon by Toyota, 4 Wheels of Fury

Toyota has created a new commercial that takes place inside, the online game, World of Warcraft. This commercial is an excellent use of technology and popular culture to promote a product. Thanks to Kiltak of [Geeks are Sexy] Technology news for the heads up.

The commercial is creative and fun. I am not into pickup trucks but would be willing to look at one after this commercial. Even if you aren’t into WOW, the commercial is still entertaining.

I find this commercial to be much more compelling, than say the Scion, a brand produced by Toyota, commercial concerning the Little Deviants. My reaction to this commercial is to now have negative connotations associated with Scion. I am sure that I am not the demographic for this commercial, because now I associate Scions with vandalizing hoodlums or punks.

The Scion commercial seems to be popular in theaters, and each time I see it, is like nails on a chalkboard. In the near future we will be purchasing a new vehicle for my wife, who drives a lot for her job. She also has to carry food product in her car. We were initially looking at the Scion as a low cost vehicle, but after these commercials are no longer evaluating the brand.

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18 Responses to “New WOW Weapon by Toyota, 4 Wheels of Fury”

  1. teeni Says:

    Sorry the last one was harder to work from. I found your last one to be hard too. LOL. But I think I should be able to dig into this one and take it from here. (I SAY that now but let’s see how it goes – heehee.) Oh yes, I also had a question for you – do you normally play video games that you have to interact with other unknown online players or do you like the ones where you can play standalone. Just curious. I wonder because these games get more expensive all the time and I know some people don’t want to be bothered to play with others online so they don’t have the pressure of people counting on them and vice versa. Then there are people who want to play online because it adds another element. Your thoughts?

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – I guess that is part of it, to make someone strecth to create a post. Unless it is on my end, and then it makes me grumpy 😉

    Regarding games, I typically play games on my own for a couple of reasons:
    – Having a family it is hard to dedicate specific time for game playing.
    – Compared to the others who spend more time playing, I suck. It isn’t much fun to be no more than cannon fodder for other players.
    – I like to play as a diversion, and don’t want the added pressure of having to be a succesful team player. Most of the time I am just happy to get through a level, I’m not replaying the same game to improve scores or times.

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    LOL the toyota is hilarious. I never tried WOW I was too afraid I would get sucked in. I just don’t have that type of time regardless of how appealing it looks. 🙂

    That second video is different. The sheeple really creeped me out. I searched and there is an actually website about sheeple. The motto had me laughing…

  4. TGH Says:

    Toyota also now has a free Yaris game on Xbox Live ( Good to see companies like Toyota and Burger King being creative with advertising to the gaming community.

  5. teeni Says:

    LOL – Great reasoning there, Thomas! I especially love the fact that you don’t want to be “cannon fodder.” That cracked me up but I know how that feels. I know I’d be one big walking target with a giant bullseye on me. LOL. Now I have to go see the sheeple website. 😉

  6. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I think I avoided WOW for the exact same reason. I wasn’t sure I wanted that on my list of addictions 😉 I thought the difference between the two ads was really striking. That sheeple site is funny, but I don’t think it is really connected to the creepy ‘little deviant’ campaign associated with the Scion.

    TGH – Thanks for commenting! I will have to take a look at the Yaris game on XBox. These cross promotional tie ins are really interesting, and a great way to build buzz. It is interesting to see the different ways technology is being used as a marketing tool.

    teeni – For some reason, I just don’t enjoy a game as much, if I spend 80% of my time regenerating 😉 As I mentioned for the most part I am happy to get through a level, I don’t replay ad nauseum until I have every last item and area figured out.

  7. TGH Says:

    I have the same issues with multiplayer, but I must say I bought the Orange Box and have been playing Team Fortress 2 quite a bit. I guess since most of the die hards haven’t left their Halo 3 worlds yet and since I started playing on day one, I actually have a chance.

  8. Thomas Says:

    TGH – I would be interested in hearing more about your experience with the Orange Box. As I said it is definitely more fun playing the game when 80% of your time isn’t spent regenerating. That is one thing that I appreciated about the Halo 3 Beta, they did a pretty good job about putting you with people that were similar to your level. So I might give Halo 3 multiplayer a shot down the road.

  9. teeni Says:

    Its funny because you would expect that the more you play, the better you would be, but as each day goes by I seem to get worse. I am actually really good at the capture the flag game because I know the map now and know how to sneak by the enemy. Orange Box is Half Life 2, HL2, Ep. 1, HL2 Ep. 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2, so 5 games in one. I have played Half Life 2 before, so I got the game. It is a really good FPS if you’ve never played it before. Portal is a puzzle game that is also good. Team Fortress is just multiplayer and the characters are cartoony, each with different skills.

  10. teeni Says:

    That was TGH using my account, sorry Thomas. He’s such a computer hog. 🙂

  11. Thomas Says:

    TGH as teeni 😉 – I suffer from that myself, the more you play, the worse you get syndrome. You try to overthink what you are doing and get worse for a while, but then you get better. Orange box sounds interesting, I will have to take a look. I remember that I wasn’t that good at the previous version of Half Life. I am a sucker for a fun game tho.

    teeni – I didn’t think that the comment sounded like you. Sounds like TGH is taking role playing a little too far ;).

  12. teeni Says:

    LOL. Thanks for noticing it wasn’t me, Thomas. LOL. I’d like to think TGH comes off as sounding way more technical than I do because he really is. I’m a much more emotional blogger, I guess. But he is a nice guy – I’ll vouch for him. He would HAVE to be for me to have married him! 😉

  13. teeni Says:

    Oh, I also think you are the first of my blogging buddies whose site he has commented on. He’s probably got the most in common with you and Opal so she might be next. I better warn her that someone might comment on her site with my name that doesn’t sound like me…. LOL

  14. Thomas Says:

    teeni – I feel honored that TGH has actually felt motivated to comment. Next thing you know, TGH will have his own blog.

  15. TGH Says:

    Tried it and it just didn’t interest me enough. Every time I thought about it, there were other things I’d rather be doing.

  16. teeni Says:

    It’s true – he actually spent more time at my blog than his own. LOL. Mine was way more fun! 🙂

  17. Thomas Says:

    TGH – I understand, blogging is definitely not for everyone.

    teeni – You are right, TGH is not only a computer hog, but a blog hog. I can understand tho, your blog is fun!

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