Duplicate Post – But What if I Fail?

This post only affects both the readers that use a Feed Reader to read my blog. But I hold both of them dear, so I would like to explain.

Short Answer

Ignore the first post, read the second post.

Long Answer

Sorry for the duplicate post of But What if I Fail?. I use Windows Live Writer to write all my posts offline, and then I upload them when I am finished scheduling the post to publish the next morning.

It was late, and instead of clicking Save Draft, I hit Publish. I wasn’t finished with the post, so I quickly used the WordPress Admin interface to edit the timestamp of the post for 6:00 am PST on 10/12/07. Interestingly enough, my normally slow feed reader, was a little too fast and caught the post.

The entry was posted, but when I scheduled it, it removed the the entry dated 10/11.

Now there are two entries for But What if I Fail? in the feed, but only one entry on my blog. If you are interested, this will give you a little insight into my writing process, as the posts are a little bit different. I was in the process of editing for readability, and noticed the quotes I used did not seem in the appropriate position. The second post is the ‘final’ post.

For those of you that don’t use a Feed Reader, I posted screen shots.

Post 1

Unfinished first post


Post 2

Finished, Scheduled second post


I have screen shots because I subscribe to my own feed. How else am I supposed to catch errors such as this one. Sorry for the confusion, and please read the second post. I think it is better.


8 Responses to “Duplicate Post – But What if I Fail?”

  1. teeni Says:

    This kind of thing happens to YOU too? LOL. I really like the sentiment behind the post too. Maybe it will get me off my butt to try so many of the things I’ve been procrastinating about – setting up an e-bay or Etsy shop, auctioning stuff from my mom’s move, exercising more, etc. So thanks for posting this. Oh and not to ruin the suspense for you or anything but I read you through igoogle so I may be one of your feed readers. šŸ˜‰

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – I have been known to make mistakes. Honestly I don’t make mistakes that often, but when I do, they are a dozie. If this my ‘But What If I Fail?’ post motivates you that would be awesome. Let me know when you actually get these things set up.

    Holy crap, there is someone besides me that reads my feed using a reader . . . I am pleasantly stunned šŸ˜‰

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    Smart move subscribing to your own feed. I do that also. I usually visit your website without my feed I don’t do that with everyone I have too many feeds to read, lol.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I subscribe to my own feed to ensure that the posts appear correctly. There have been times that I have resized pictures because they didn’t look quite right on the feed. I think it is another method for ensuring your posts look good after they are uploaded.

  5. teeni Says:

    I just subscribed to my own feed after reading all this. If nothing else I got a new reader! LOL.

    Oh, Thomas the real reason I’m here – this is so cool – is another person started a game of Volleyblog!!! It’s my buddy, Laura (the Diva) and she is a wonderful writer so she is challenging another of her writer friends to a game. Check it out here: http://iamthediva.blogspot.com/2007/10/service-lesson.html

    I just thought this was so exciting I couldn’t wait to tell you. In other and less selfish news, I also want to say I know you have been extremely busy lately. I hope all is well and that you get a much needed break soon. šŸ™‚

  6. Opal Tribble Says:

    I agree it pays to be vigilant. Hmm, Perhaps I should look at pictures on my photoblog. I started that about a week ago and added it to my feeds but I don’t think I really had a good look.

    I’ve missed reading your posts buddy! I hope things slow down for you. šŸ™‚

  7. dara Says:

    Hey! I thought I was the only one to subscribe to my own feed. Good to know there are others out there who do also.

    btw, I found your blog through Opal.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Your comment made me think of a movie – I don’t remember the title, but one character kept yelling ‘Constant Vigilance.’
    Thanks for the good thoughts, it is nice to be missed. I am finally completing the majorify of my projects.

    dara – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I typically true to respond to comments within a day, but I have been a bit underwater with my current projects.
    Subscribing to your own feed just makes sense to me, I like to know what my readers see, so I can make any appropriate changes.

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