Microsoft Office Live Meeting – Streamlined Client

Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 was recently released. Office Live Meeting is a tool that allows you to collaborate online using a PC connected to the Internet. The new Office Live Meeting Client is very streamlined and is built to showcase the content being displayed.

Office Live Meeting 2005 Client

The Office Live Meeting 2005 client, had quite a few management panes open by default.

As you can see from the screen shot, the panes take up a bit of the interface and the actual content display is quite small.

Office Live Meeting 2007 Client

To highlight the content, the new client displays no panes, by default .

As you can see from the screen shot, the content is prominently displayed in the client. For attendees this will be the best view.

Client with Docked Panes

Presenters can configure their clients as needed. When panes are configured in the client, the same configuration will be displayed the next time the client is used.

This screen shot demonstrates the Office Live Meeting client with panes docked in the Left, Lower, and Right areas.

I did a quick overview of the other features in my post Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 – Quick Preview. If you have information that needs to be presented to a group that is not all in the same physical location a tool such as Office Life Meeting 2007 is an excellent solution.

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