Windows Live Writer 1.0 Released

Well dip me in honey and give me a lickin’ Windows Live Writer 1.0 has finally been released.

I have been using Windows Live Writer as long as I have been blogging. I wrote posts announcing Beta 2 and Beta 3, as well as numerous other posts about using WLW. Now I am excited to post about the release of WLW V1.0 – the Windows Live team deserves to be congratulated for an excellent product.

Use Windows Live Writer to:

  • Write posts for most blog services
  • Easily write media rich posts that includes photos, videos and hyperlinks
  • Editing features include spell checker, inserting tables, and formatting text
  • Preview your content before you post
  • Create posts offline, and then publish them later when you are back online, or create posts ahead of time and then schedule them to display at a later time



The Windows Live Writer team has announced that Version 1.0 has finally been released. I have been very happy with the functionality and features that have been included with the Beta versions. Each version has been a better, more stable and feature rich version of the previous.

Duncan Mackenzie of Channel 10 spoke with Becky Pezely from the Windows Live Writer team about the features and functionality of WLW.


Windows Live Services

Windows Live Writer is part of Windows Live Services that has been receiving press from quite a few blogs:

From the Windows Live site, the following services are included:

Windows Live Mail Mail – Web-based email, that will also collect email from other online systems.
Windows Live Messenger Messenger – Instant messenger, and who doesn’t love all those available emoticons?
Windows Live Photo Gallery Photo Gallery – Edit and share your photos and videos online.
Windows Live Writer Writer – Create posts using a WYSIWYG editor.
Windows Live Toolbar Toolbar – Quick access to Windows Live Services from any web site.
Windows Live OneCare Family Safety Family Safety from OneCare – Protect your family online.

Clicking the above Get Windows Live will allow you to install all of the services listed above, or you can select specific services. These services are free, and are definitely worth checking out. If you have a Mac, you will want to use Parallel’s or VMWare to install a copy of Windows so you can give these services a shot.

Windows Live Writer is just one of the Windows Live Services that will help you kick ass!


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