Changing Fonts in Windows Live Writer

quikboy wrote a comment on the Channel 10 post Windows Live Writer 1.0 released, learn all about it here! as follows:

I just wish Live Writer had 3 quick features:

1. Different fonts

2. Fonts sizes

3. Smileys/emoticons (but please be different than the ones seen on WLM/MSN)

Then I’ll be really happy. Wish they would do that.

Wish no more, hopefully this post will give you the information that requested.

Changing Fonts

Managing fonts isn’t immediately obvious, so I thought I would write up how to manipulate fonts using Windows Live Writer.

  1. On the menu bar, click Format, and then click Font.


2. In the Font Window, select the desired Font, Style, Size Effects and Color and then click OK.


3. Feel the warm pride of knowing your post has the fonts that you want.

You can use this technique to select a variety of fonts and sizes, such as:

Copperplate Gothic Light, Size 12, in blue

Times New Roman, Size 10, Bold in Red

Papyrus, Size 14, in Maroon


My fix for emoticons is kind of a cheat. Take some screen shots of the emoticons that you want, and then insert them in your posts as images.

I realize that I didn’t really answer all three of your questions, so I can understand that you might not be really happy, I would settle for at least very happy.

Emoticon Update

Download the Insert MSN, Yahoo and Custom Smileys plug in created by Rahul Soni for the requested emoticon functionality.


This should upgrade your mood to really happy. Remember, if you don’t find the functionality that you want, browse the plug ins, somebody may have already created the features that you want.


7 Responses to “Changing Fonts in Windows Live Writer”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hey, wow. I’m quikboy – for real.

    Thanks for really taking the time to answer my questions – and even writing a whole blog posts with some screenshots to help! Really nice of you to do that. I appreciate that.

    I think Microsoft would have done a better job, if they made that feature available right from the toolbar itself, instead of being hidden in the file menu. Like they do in Word.

    I’ll check out that plug-in you posted. I used to blog right from the Live Spaces site, and they had emoticons to choose from in the toolbar. It would be nice if MS ‘officially’ made this a feature.

    So really, thanks for helping me out. You really know your Live Writer inside-out.

    Do you mind if I re-post this info on my own blog? Thanks.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Michael aka quikboy – I was glad I was able to help out. I figured if you had the question than others might also, so it seemed like a good topic for a post.

    It is hard to say what should go on the toolbar vs what shouldn’t. You want the tool bar to be accessible and not overly cluttered, but you want to be sure to have all the most used features within easy reach.

    Check out the plug in site, you will find that a lot of plug ins have been created with some really solid functionality.

    It is always nice to know that people find the posts you write to be helpful. I am glad that this was useful.

    I do not have a problem with you reposting my content, my content is licensed with the using the Creative Commons license. This entails not using my content for commerical purposes and giving proper attribution and links back to my site. Thanks!

  3. Rahul Says:

    Hey !! Sadly today I found am unable to change my font style in Windows lIve Writer. When I select the text and go to Format–>Font …an error appears “Error 501: Permission Denied” . I am the only user of this computer and it was working fine till yesterday. 😦 Plz help me out..

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Same error 501 thing HELP!!!!!!

  6. seetaram Says:

    I am also getting the same error… Permission denied.. while accessing font in live writer… pls help 🙂

  7. seetaram Says:

    yes. below solution worked for me too….

    Thanks a lot for this solution….

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