Windows Live Writer and the Flickr4Writer Plug in

Let me start this post by stating Tim Heuer kicks ass!

It is no secret that I am a fan of Windows Live Writer, and use it exclusively to write my posts. I periodically add photos from my Flickr account to add that certain something to my posts. Adding a picture from Flickr is kind of a pain. You need to select the picture, select the size, and then copy the URL, then you need to insert the image into the post using the URL. It isn’t that hard, there are just quite a few steps. If you are loading multiple pictures a bit of time can be wasted.

I discovered the plug in via the post on Channel 10 Windows Live Writer 1.0 released, learn all about it here!

Who: Tim Heuer a Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft and author of the blog Method~of~Failed.

Why does Tim kick ass:  Tim Heuer wrote the Flickr4Writer plug in that allows you to easily browse and insert Flickr images into your post.

Install the Plug in

First, install the latest version of the Flickr4Writer plug in.

Note: The WLW team, allowed plug ins to be created to extend the functionality of the program. This allows third party developers to create plug ins with functionality that the team may not have originally thought of, or had the time to create.

After the plug in is successfully installed, a new Insert option will be displayed Insert Flickr Image:


Add Images from Flickr

Insert images from Flickr to your post using the  Flickr4Writer plug in following the steps below:

1. Click Insert Flickr Image to display the Flickr window:


2. Type in the username of the Flickr account you want, and then click Search. You can search on all images, or by Sets or Tags.

3. Select the Layout options, and then select Insert Image. It is that simple. The following image was added using the plug in.



If you blog, and add images from Flickr, you will want to install this plug in, and start using it right away. I can’t think of an easier method of adding Flickr images to your post. If you do use images taken by other people, be sure to respect licensing and give proper image attribution.

Keep up the great work Tim, and thanks for the great plug in.


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