Career Talk at PSU Went Well

Here is a quick email I received from Allison, who helped coordinate the Halo 3 event at Portland State and the fancy flyer.

Thank you! You were, as usual, very informative, had everyone engaged and were funny to boot. Great job!!


It is nice to know that your efforts are appreciated, and I am always happy to help the community.

I also saw some people from my career talk for the ISSA back in May, and they were willing to stay for this talk also. I must be doing something right, if people are willing to sit through my talking not only once, but twice.

Part of being an evangelist, is to help others. With these career talks, I am just trying to do my part.

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2 Responses to “Career Talk at PSU Went Well”

  1. teeni Says:

    Funny, I’m not surprised at all by what Allison wrote. She succinctly put into words exactly how I imagine you would be. It’s good to feel that you think you are doing your part but it is always nice to get that positive feedback to reassure yourself that you are on the right path. πŸ™‚

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – It is always nice to know that you have the support of your friends, thank you it is appreciated.

    I actually enjoy speaking at the colleges and helping people. This also helps me to get the exposure I need to get into evangelism.

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