Windows Live Writer Preview Video Error

WLW-PluginI have noticed lately when I insert a YouTube video using Insert Video with the latest version of Windows Live Writer, that the video preview window does not always display the YouTube preview picture.

After the URL is added in the Insert Video window a preview of the video should be displayed. If that does not work, click Preview, and to display the preview.


Finding Answers

Lately more often then not, the window looks like it does above with no picture preview. I decided to see if I could find any information concerning this issue, so I looked up the Windows Live Writer MSN Group to see if this issue has been addressed.

Someone else had asked the question in a post Video Preview Error?, and the response is as follows:

Yes, we are having intermittent issues with snapshotting YouTube videos. They appear to have changed their loading algorithm, so we are not always correctly detecting when the video has loaded. We are working on finding a fix for this.

However, if your blog allows embed and object tags, then we will place those in your post at publishing time. The blank image that you see is only a snapshot/placeholder in the post during authoring time.

Hope this helps,

Bonnie [MSFT]

So Bonnie [MSFT] gives us the information that we need. The video snapshot may not preview correctly, but should display correctly when you post the blog page.

Event though the video might appear as follows while creating the post.


When uploaded the video preview should work just fine. See the video below.


If you encounter problems with Windows Live Writer, be sure to check out the Windows Live Writer MSN Group. You may find that someone else has already resolved the issue you have encountered. If not post your question, and someone helpful like Bonnie [MSFT] might help you resolve your problem.

It isn’t important to have all the answers, there are just too many questions. But you do need to know where to go to find an answer to your problems – WLW MSN Group is a great resource for finding answers for WLW.

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