Mac’s Running Vista Faster Ad

Although I still find them funny and creative, the Mac ads are starting to wear a little thin.

This Mac ad capitalizes on the recent review by PC World. In my post For Best Vista Performance Buy An Apple MacBook Pro I mention that PC World published The Most Notable Notebooks of 2007, the money quote from the article:

The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year–or for that matter, ever–is a Mac.


This actually motivated me to want to look at Mac’s. Here is the Apple ad, I find this one pretty clever.

In the end these machines are just tools, and I want the best tool I can get to get the job done. If that tool is a Mac or a PC, I don’t really care, just give me the tool that best suites my needs. Now that a Mac runs Windows better than PCs, this motivates me to evaluate Macs the next time I purchase a new computer.


25 Responses to “Mac’s Running Vista Faster Ad”

  1. teeni Says:

    TGH has been saying he might like a mac for the next computer purchase also. It’s as you said, he just wants the best tool he can get to get the job done.

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Macs seem pretty cool. As you know I had that bad experience at the Apple store. I have been given suggestions for better stores in my area, but I haven’t had a chance to go yet. Besides I have wanted to try out a Mac for a while, but don’t want to purchase one, and not be able to use all the Windows software I have.

  3. TGH Says:

    That is my fear. The computer in question would be my work computer and there are some memory and CPU intensive Windows software I use and I wasn’t sure how it would work in Parallels. A co-worker, who is a network administrator uses it, and he said the admin software he uses for our directory services, which is usually slow in Windows, also runs faster on the Mac. I think I am going to make the change and if I have problems have them reassign the Mac to someone else and order something different. As a web developer, Parallels will give me the flexibility to easily test on a variety of platforms.

  4. Chris Says:

    Dude, I don’t think you get the commercial. Apple was tricking you. The Mac guy agreed with the misprint the the PC guy was talking about. Listen to the words carefully. MACS DO NOT RUN WINDOWS VISTA FASTER THAN PC’S. Everyone that thinks a Mac is better than a PC is a complete idiot.

  5. Thomas Says:

    TGH – Overall I have heard good reviews from people running Parrallels. If you do get a system I would be interested in hearing how it runs in your services. You mentione Directory Services, what are you running, Novell or Microsoft?

    Chris – The review that PC World did the MacBook Pro beat out the Gateway by a single point. PC World is a pretty reputable magazine so I don’t really doubt the findings. That is why I added the link to the article along with the commercial. Personally I don’t think a Mac or PC is better, they are both tools, and you just need to ensure that you get the right tool for the job that you do. I do get tired of the overzealous fans on either side being unwilling to acknowledge the benefits of the other systems.

  6. Beautiful Minds Says:

    ha..! I dint know this.. but mac’s are expensive here in India! with that money we can buy an xtreme PC

  7. Yong Hwee Says:

    It’s brilliant! I love these Mac ads.

  8. TGH Says:

    We are running Novell. I believe I am due for a new computer this fiscal year. I am just so swamped that I dread changing computers right now, but I’ll let you know when/if I change.

  9. steve Says:

    I was apc guy for seven years. I switched over to mac and I am never looking back. Macs are very flexible and well thought out. You also don’t have to go to war fighting every virus that comes down the pike.

  10. agitatedhellerphant Says:

    Well I work in IT and I have been PC my whole life. Earlier this year I purchased my first mac, to tell you the truth it was an impulse buy, but it’s quite possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made

    Now I would do nothing but highly reccomend Mac to EVERYONE! Overall I am more than impressed with them and everything I do on my PC (except gaming) I can do just as good, if not better on my Mac

  11. Thomas Says:

    Beautiful Minds – It sounds like PCs are still your best bet. I didn’t realize that Macs were that expensive in India.

    Yong Hwee – I agree the ads are pretty funny, but like I said they do sometimes get old.

    TGH – When you said Directory Services I figured you were talking about Novell. I taught as a Certified Novell Instructure, CNI for years. I was always bummed that Novell had / has great products but couldn’t market their way out of a paper bag.

    Steve – I like the idea that running Parallels you can still run all of your Windows software. I hear more and more testimonies like yours all the time.

    agitatedhellerphant – Your comment is similar to Steve’s. As I said I hear more comments like this all the time. It sounds like the next time I purchase a system, I need to definitely evaluate the Mac. One question to both you and Steve, have you had any problems running any Windows programs on Parallels?

  12. Gabe Says:

    @Chris: you’ve obviously never used a Mac let alone owned one. I’m a front-end designer and there’s nothing like being able to test a freshly minted website in multiple browsers on multiple platforms concurrently from the same desktop. It’s fast, seamless and, dare I say, an absolute pleasure to use. Granted, my needs and experiences may be different from others, but I guarantee a few days with a Mac running Parallels (or any of the other VMWare-type applications) and you’ll wonder why you cling to a Windows-only box. However, please realize that not all Macs are created equal. The Mac Pros represent a strong value and can be had for less than a comparably equipped Dell (Dimension 690, at the time I bought mine about 5 months ago) if you look around a little (try CTI). The other computers in the lineup are slightly more expensive on average vs. your Dells and HPs, but they’re typically very well equipped and like most folks who come to know and love their Macs they’d gladly pay a little extra for a computer that “just works.” Sometimes the intangibles are the very things that make the difference.

    So, before you go and criticize Mac users, or those about to make the switch, do your homework and spend a little time with one. If you’re not convinced, that’s fine, no harm no foul. But for those that are, they’ve made the choice and stick with it because it works for them, not because they’re “idiots.”

    BTW (and I promise I’ll step off my soap box right after this) I’m a successful professional and entrepreneur making a good salary, living in a very nice home in a beautiful part of the country with a wonderful wife and an darling daughter. I can honestly say my Macs have helped me achieve all of this (well, not the wife and kid, that was all my doing, lol). Does that sound idiotic to you, Chris? Good luck

  13. Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma Says:

    It looks like PC has lost weight. The Mac person actually is an actor. The last thing I saw him in was Jeepers Creepers. A few of my buddies have use parallels with their Mac’s and they don’t have any problems with the applications.

    My instructor for my advanced Dreamweaver training was the main reason I converted to Mac. He gave me the whole picture. The pro’s and con’s as he saw it. He also let me try out his computer during one of our breaks. I liked that I could, if needed, I could use multiple platforms on the Mac.

    I do agree with Gabe that at times Mac’s are cheaper than a comparable system. I remember seeing a study about this on a tech website.

    Although I’m fully capable of fixing computers when they break down I love the fact that the Mac’s just work. I bought my father one last year and have not had to go fix it yet. I was fixing something every few months with his old system. Yes that were mainly done by him clicking on things which brought on the viruses.

    However, he is happy with his Powermac G5 and I’m happy with my MacBook Pro and now the Power Mac. I did purchase a Windows computer earlier this year, but I don’t use it as much as my Mac’s for what I use them for Mac’s, mostly, is the best option.

  14. Thomas Says:

    Gabe – Thanks for the great example of how you are using a Mac and the benefits you enjoy. I think we get caught up in the advertising hoopla, and forget that there are actually real people out there that benefit. As I have mentioned I am very tempted to get a MacBook Pro. Honestly I will probably spend most of my time in Windows as that is where my experience and software investment is, but I have often wanted to have a better understanding of the Mac.

    Opal – The guy who plays PC sometimes appears on the Johny Stewart Show. Mac is Justin Long who is a really good physical comedian. If you haven’t see Dodgeball yet, it is goofy but pretty funny. Like Gabe it sounds like the Mac really meets your needs, and that is what having a tool is about – meeting your needs.

    I have read that some people are having trouble’s with their Mac’s and when they do, they can’t fix the computer by themselves they have to take it in. I appreciate being able to fix my own computer. With all the positive reviews, I am definitely willing to check them out.

  15. Keith Says:

    Just to note on the whole running parallels to do windows stuff, why not just boot the whole OS with bootcamp? Than it’s the excact same thing as windows, except faster. I like parallels, but the stuff I do is system intensive so there is some slowdowns. Running stand alone windows on a mac is pretty amazing.

  16. Thomas Says:

    Keith – Thanks for the great suggestion. I was wondering how much the system slowed down running Windows using Parallels or VMWare. It sounds like bootcamp is the way to get better performance.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Windows users are, and always have been, in a state of denial.
    Whatever a Mac user says is always false according to a Windows users. If a Mac user said the sky appears blue, a Windows user would say no it doesn’t. Windows users, while maybe not complete idiots like Mac users are (right Chris?), are the biggest contrarians I’ve ever encountered.

  18. Justin Says:

    Well if it was tested against a Dell I see why the MAC was faster, just about anyone can build a faster computer then a Dell, allthough MAC’s do have amazing gpu technology in wich vista would benefit from…with the money you pay for a mac you could build a pc to run just as fast or faster. it all depends on the hardware you use. dell uses basic crap parts. i dont doubt at all that the apple won. build your own pc with top of the line parts pay as much as a mac and have more power in my opinion. mac users love macs pc users love pc’s. all opinnions.

  19. Justin Says:

    btw pc’s dont have to run windows you can also run mac os on a pc or linux or unix or w/e. many options that are more secure than windows.

  20. Thomas Says:

    Jeff – I don’t really think that Windows users are any more contrarian than Mac people. I wrote a post about a negative encounter I had at an Apple store – Apple Store Employees Are They All Dicks?. I think the problem is that people forget these systems are just tools, and you need to pick the tool that best suits what you are doing. For some that is Mac for others Windows.

    Justin – The PC World article rated quite a few different computers before coming to their conclusion. It was not just Dell systems that were rated against the Macs.
    You bring up a valid point that there are other OS’s that can be run on a computer.

  21. Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma Says:

    I have read that some people are having trouble’s with their Mac’s and when they do, they can’t fix the computer by themselves they have to take it in.

    Some people that’s the difference. 🙂

    I did take mine into mine into the Apple store; however, if I had the start up disc I could have taken care of it at home. The time I’ve had problems with my MacBook, very few, I could fix it. If my father didn’t have me around he would have had to take his Windows PC in to be fixed. My aunt still calls on me. I know she’s lucky she doesn’t have to take her system in. Not everyone can fix a computer so regardless of what OS you are using some people will have to take them in if they break down.

    I do think that some won’t even attempt to fix it especially if they are used to another OS. Similar to the post that you pointed out about the man who was having problems with his MacBook Pro. His problem was he was treating it, or at least attempting to, treat it like the Windows OS. That’s not going to work.

    As with Windows there are a lot of tutorials and books that can help you with that issue. That was my biggest fear moving to a Mac learning how to fix a system if it doesn’t work. Now I know. 😉

  22. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I have read some bloggers such as Robert Scoble, Dave Winer and Thomas Hawk that have encountered serious issues with their Macs recently. Hard drive failures and such. The reported that when they did take it in that it sometimes took more than a week to get the repair completed.

    I did not realize that you could fix much on a Mac on your own, I thought you were stuck have Apple service it. Once again this shows how little I know about Macs.

    I do agree that it doesn’t matter what type of system that you have, quite a few people are going to be unwilling to work on their systems on their own.

    That is one thing I have noticed about you, you are not shy about tackling new problems. I also appreciate then when you do learn things you are more then willing to share.

  23. dinovalentino Says:

    Well, I have read some good reviews of macs, and I am getting a macbook tomorrow, as a christmas present. I have used pcs for years now , and i am sick and tired of it. I just installed vista and had to upgrade everything! my memory, graphichs – EVERYTHING! This is just my opinion, but I am looking forward to owning a mac.

  24. Thomas Says:

    dinovalentino – I hope that your new Mac is treating you well, and I would be interested in hearing what you think about your Mac after a couple of weeks of use.

  25. meizu m6 + mac | Meizu Me Says:

    […] von mir den neuen iMac und ein MacBook Pro. Die Performance von Windows ist genauso gut (oder sogar noch besser) wie auf einem normalen PC. Wenn du Windows ber BootCamp laufen hast, kannst du auf die FAT32 […]

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