Iron Man Cometh

IronMan-Logo One of the best parts of going to a movie is seeing previews for upcoming attractions. You get a chance to get excited about upcoming movies.

I am Iron Man . . .

I saw a preview for Marvel comic’s Iron Man coming to theaters May 2008. From the previews the move looks like it will be entertaining. Robert Downey Jr plays Tony Stark / Iron Man.

Black Sabbath – Iron Man

I give the movie props for using Iron Man by Black Sabbath as the theme for the preview Video warning – Psychedelics and possibly NSFW graphics ahead.

Iron Man has to be one of my favorite song openings of all time!

Filter – Hey Man

I also noticed that Hey Man by Filter is in the preview. Video warning – Psychedelics and angry bands ahead.

This movie looks like it will be a lot of fun. It looks humorous, while still having a bunch of technical gadget goodness, and appears to have a good soundtrack. I think this movie will be a great way to wastespend a couple of hours this coming May.

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6 Responses to “Iron Man Cometh”

  1. TGH Says:

    They also premiered the video game trailer for Iron Man during the Video Game Awards on Sunday Night, so I guess we should be prepared for 6 months of Iron Man propoganda. As much as I love Sabbath, I have a feeling I will be sick of this song by then.

  2. Thomas Says:

    TGH – What platform is the game on? XBox 360, I hope.
    I am not sure if I will get tired of that song, that was back in the day when Ozzie was still easy to understand.

  3. TGH Says:

    The VGAs weren’t platform specific and a lot of the premiere’s didn’t indicate what platform they were on. My guess is it will be on multiple platforms and be just as much a marketing tool for the movie as it is a game.

  4. Thomas Says:

    TGH – After reading your comment I had to write up a post about the game also. It is supposed to be released on multiple platforms including XBox 360.

  5. Maxik Says:

    Интересная статья. Спасибо!

  6. Jjess Says:

    Очень интересно. Спасибо!

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