Best Buy – Being Wrong the Right Way

At some point in time you are going to find yourself on the wrong side of an argument, a business plan or a proposal. You’re going to encounter a situation that did not quite go the way you planned.

Anyone can display character when things go smoothly, real character is displayed while facing adversity.

With the above thought in mind I would like to commend Best Buy on their current actions. If you are not familiar with the recent chain of events on Laughing Squid:

Post on Improv Everywhere Shirt

Scott Beale posts Improv Everywhere Best Buy Blue Polo Shirts. Improv Everywhere created a shirt very similar to the Best Buy employee shirt with a logo that states Improv Everywhere. I will say that I don’t quite get the humor of Improv Everywhere, but that is not important to the story at hand.

Improv Everywhere Best Buy polo shirt

Cease & Desist

Scott posts Best Buy Cease & Desist Letter For Blog Coverage of Parody about the cease and desist letter he received from Best Buy concerning his coverage of the Improv Everywhere Best Buy polo shirts.

Best Buy Cease & Desist Letter by Laughing Squid, on Flickr

Best Buy Cease & Desist Letter by Laughing Squid, on Flickr

Phone call and Apology

In his post Best Buy Apologies For Sending Cease & Desist Letter, Scott documents his call to the Best Buy Corporate Public Relations Group and the resulting apology letter he received.

Best Buy Apology Letter by Laughing Squid, on Flickr


I have to commend Best Buy on their handling of this situation. It sounds like Scott called them and had a rational conversation with them to explain his side of the story. Best Buy understood and realized that they had sent out the Cease & Desist letter inappropriately and sent out an apology.

As I said in the beginning at some point we are all going to be on the wrong side of things. This is just one example how to correct those errors when the are encountered.

Kudos to the people at Best Buy for issuing an apology, and thanks to Scott for the great reporting concerning this incident. Scott received the cease & desist letter, and instead of being reactionary, related his side of the story and was able to resolve this issue.

This is a good reminder for me concerning how to behave the next time I am on either side of this type of situation.

Photo Credits – Photos are from Laughing Squid.

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3 Responses to “Best Buy – Being Wrong the Right Way”

  1. teeni Says:

    Great post! It really is not an easy thing to apologize so I always try to give credit when people are able to do it. Even more respect to a company or employee of a company who can recognize, admit, and apologize for an error.

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Thanks, I agree it is important to acknowledge when people have done something right. It seems we are all more than willing to jump on the bandwagon and bash someone when they have done something wrong, that we forget to acknowledge people doing something right.

    I also applaud Scott for keeping a level head during this exchange. With this wrong attitudes this could have escalated.

  3. Дмитрий Says:

    Интересная информация. Спасибо!

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