Iron Man Video Game Preview

Thanks to TGH for the heads up on the Iron Man video game by Sega. The game is scheduled to be released Spring 2008 on a variety of platforms including the XBox 360. If you are unfamiliar with Iron Man, you can read more on Wikipedia.

Here are a couple of video previews:

Short Preview

Short walk through

The video game Iron Man looks like it might be interesting. I am a fan of downloading the demo from XBox live before I buy the game, so I will be waiting to see how the preview looks.

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3 Responses to “Iron Man Video Game Preview”

  1. TGH Says:

    I’m always leery of games associated with movies and vice versa. They tend to be bad with a few exceptions. I’ll definitely check for a demo on this one before buying.

  2. Thomas Says:

    TGH – I agree companies want to leverage the movie without really adding anything interesting to the game, and the end result is a game that follows the movie but has crappy game play.
    I am a total fan of demos, it really gives you a good idea of game play.

  3. Dimon Says:

    Интересная статья. Спасибо!

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