WOW – Mini Me is a Mage

Thanks to James Moody: Geek in Paradise for the heads up about another set of World Of Warcraft, WOW commercials.

Verne Troyer, and I’m a Mage

Another commercial that really uses the talent of the actor, Verne Troyer:

There are 9 million players in the World of Warcraft, it’s huge, like my mage.



There is even a scene with Troyer’s mage next to Shatner’s Shaman.

Another great example that World of Warcraft get’s product advertisement. Their commercials continue to be informative and funny.


4 Responses to “WOW – Mini Me is a Mage”

  1. funny Says:

    […] bookmarks tagged funny WOW – Mini Me is a Mage&nbspsaved by 1 others     GreenMermaid4ever bookmarked on Sun Dec 23,2007 | […]

  2. Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma Says:

    Aww…he looks cute as a mage. You know you’ve been posting a lot of WOW posts. Are you planning on playing it? 😉

  3. Thomas Says:

    I love the portion of the video of Troyer’s Mage next to Shatner’s Shaman. WOW is doing an excellent job correlating actors with WOW characters.
    I honestly don’t think I will touch WOW, I have so many extra projects at home that I already barely have time to touch, that I don’t think I could afford the time for WOW.

  4. ekspekt Says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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