7 Tips on Blogging Successfully from Opal of Vegan Momma

I recently interviewed Opal of Vegan Momma, recognizing her for being my 1,000 commenter.  I have known Opal for quite a while, and I found the interview to be a great source of information. It was interesting to step back and actually be a bit more formal. I hope that Opal found this to be a cool exercise also.

She answered the 5th question so thoroughly that I figured the content was worth a separate post. From the interview:

5 – You receive quite a bit of positive feedback concerning your blogs, what suggestions do you have for other bloggers?

Stay positive.  It’s great to have regulars, but it’s also nice to reach out to new people.  I try to follow up with every new person that stops by my blog.  Sure they get the generic email that goes out to all my readers, but I also try to send them a personal email.  I respond to the comment they left and invite them to come back.  I also let them know if they have a blog I will be stopping by to visit.

The following list is the additional information not included in the original interview with Opal.


I want my readers to know they are appreciated.  I treat people how I want to be treated. I try to make myself available to those who need aid. I write about that often on my blog, and sometimes those who have emailed me stated they did because they felt ok doing so since it’s something I encouraged.

I honestly believe that the reason so many positive things have happened to website’s is caused by what I’m willing to do for others.  I don’t care if I don’t “know” you.  If you email me and need assistance  I’ll do my best to help.  It’s easy to succeed with those who think similar to you, that takes no effort.  I ask myself how would I respond to someone who doesn’t agree with me, will I be as nice.  I definitely try to be.

Quit Being Negative

If you write about something negative talk about the steps, you used to get past the negativity. Constantly filling your virtual home with negativity will eventually drive people away and those that stay might be they type that feed on that type of behavior. If you do write something negative talk about the steps you are taking to turn that into a positive situation.

Don’t Be Selfish, Recognize You’re Readers!

Think about how great it feels when someone recognizes you?  Give back and recognize others. Sure it will take some time to recognize them but guess what it took time for them to recognize you.  Let them know that they are appreciated.  If you like, the blogger you will make time to do it. It takes me a lot of time to recognize people, and yes I stay very busy but realizing the power that recognizing a person correctly can have it’s something I incorporate into my weekly, if not daily, routine. Let others know what a fabulous person they are. Link freely to others step outside your comfort zone and link to new readers people will realize that you aren’t only recognizing those you know.  How do I recognize my readers?  It’s mainly through links, Stumbles,  Diggs. 

Inform Your Readers Of Changes

Sure it’s your blog but if you are looking to build a vibrant community you will need their support, right? Let them know of major changes that are happening sometimes I let my readers know about minor changes also.  I want them to know what’s happening in my virtual world. I respect them and I want them to have a part in the decisions I make for my website’s.

Don’t Shut People Out

I’m Vegan and although I’m passionate about veganism, animal rights, I try to write in a way that I’m not condemning those who think differently than myself.  You turn people off when you do that people are more likely to listen to you if you approach them with respect. I treat people how I want to be treated. Life is too short to waste it being negative.

Include Them In Your Conversation

I usually try to end my posts with a question.  It’s not just about me.  I honestly want to hear about the experiences my readers have been through.  I try to engage my readers.

Thoughtful Comments

At times my comments can get long winded.  I try to be helpful and draw from my experiences when responding on other peoples website’s.


The effort Opal put into answering these interview questions is typical of the work she puts into her sites. I find Opal to be an excellent source of information and is someone I turn to when I have questions about blogging and community building. I am happy to say that I count myself as a reader and a fried of Opal’s.

If you are vegan or not, Vegan Momma is a site worth checking out.

Photo Credit – Opal Tribble’s site Vegan Momma


5 Responses to “7 Tips on Blogging Successfully from Opal of Vegan Momma”

  1. Mike Goad Says:

    Thomas – Thanks for taking the time and effort to make two posts out of Opal’s interview. It was very interesting!
    Opal – As always, you’re the greatest.

  2. teeni Says:

    Ditto what Mike said! This was wonderful. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. 🙂

  3. Thomas Says:

    Mike – There was so much good content in the interview I didn’t want this information to get lost. I figured it was worth two posts. As always, Opal comes through with some excellent information.

    teeni – I just wanted to recognize the community and this seemed like a cool way to do it. I got the original idea of interviewing a milestone commenter from David Airey.

  4. 7 Tips on Blogging Successfully And Other News…. | Vegan Momma Says:

    […] Thomas – Technical Blogger included the second part of my interview over at his lovely virtual home. He asked me a question… 5 – You receive quite a bit of positive feedback concerning your blogs, what suggestions do you have for other bloggers? […]

  5. Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma Says:

    Thanks again for the mention. It wasn’t expected. I cut that list down because it made my interview too long, lol.

    My readers, like you, teeni, and Thomas, keep me thinking of ways I can improve my website as with my regular home I want my online visitors to feel “at home” when they visit my virtual residence. 🙂

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