WOW – Van Damme and Toledo

Thanks to James Moody: Geek in Paradise for the heads up about a set of foreign language World Of Warcraft, WOW commercials. These commercials star Jean Claude Van Damme in French, and Willy Toledo in Spanish

Jean Claude Van Damme je suis un mage

Van Damme is cast as a Mage, and is excited to be stopping hand to hand combat in favor of casting powerful spells:

Thankfully the YouTube video includes the following translation:

My name is Jean-Claude Van Damme… and I am a mage.
Hand-to-hand combat for me: it’s over!
Now I can cast powerful spells!
Just try messing with me… I’ll turn you into a sheep.
A sheep!
..Because we all are a bit like sheep, you know…
I am Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am a mage.
And you?
What’s your game?

Willy Toledo, y soy un Paladin

Willy Toledo is cast as a Paladin, protector of the holy light.

  This video is also translated:

Hi, my name is Willy Toledo… and I am a Paladin.
I am a combination of a spell caster and a specialist in melee combat.
…up-close and personal, clearly what I like most.
But this is serious, I´m a protector of the Holy Light.
I am Willy Toledo, and I’m a Paladin.
And you?
What’s your game?

I find these commercials to be really refreshing. I like a product that is willing to let the advertisers have fun with it. As much as I enjoy the commercials, I find it hard to believe there are people out there who still aren’t familiar with this game.

If you play, beware the Mage trying to turn you into a sheep, or a serious Paladin who considers himself protector of the holy light.


4 Responses to “WOW – Van Damme and Toledo”

  1. Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma Says:

    Van Damme is still looking great. 😉 I’ve seen most of his movies.

  2. Thomas Says:

    I have always been a fan of the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ myslef. This foreign commercials show how popular WOW has become, it is apparently really a global phenomena.

  3. teeni Says:

    Ooooh. Van Damme – DAM he’s still cute. LOL. OOps. **runs off before TGH comes and reads**

  4. Thomas Says:

    teeni – I won’t mention anything to TGH. I remember one of Van Dammes movies, he played twins and the tagline was double the van damage 😉

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