Blogging The First 54 Days

Technorati-Widget I have been blogging seriously on ScissorMonkey for over 54 Days, and I thought I would tell you how the blog is doing.

Blog Stats

Day 30 – Thursday 6/21/07
Day 54 – Sunday 7/14/07 (WordPress end of day is 5:00 pm PST)
  Day 30 Day 54
Total Views 4,269 6,429
Best Day Ever 304 304
Views Today 137 147
Technorati Authority 31 64
Technorati Rank 157,410 89,085

The following are usage stats for the last 30 days my blog

WordPress Dashboard Page View Stats


SiteMeter Usage / Page View Stats – Yellow = Visits / Red = Page Views


The one difference is WordPress stats start and end at 5:00 pm PST for my blog. Sitemeter appears to end at 12:00 am. Also the WordPress stats do not include my own visits, SiteMeter does not differentiate between visits from readers or myself.

Almost 70% of my traffic came from a couple high view days I had after my first 9 days

5/31/07 – 299

6/1/07 – 270

6/2/07 – 301

6/3/07 – 304

Initial Methods

At that point I was trying to comment on 10+ posts a day, and I was able to get in early on some high profile topics.

I was writing anywhere from 4 – 9 medium – large sized posts a day, and I was pretty tired. I wasn’t going to be able to keep this pace up for any extended period of time.


In all honesty after my couple of high traffic days, I figured I was starting to get some traction and that my traffic would continue to escalate. I started to write articles on topics I thought would be popular and the focus of my blog wavered. When readers continued to dwindle I was bummed. Jeremiah Owyang wrote a post From Creation to Achivement: the other 5 Stages of Blogging that included the following graphic. I was starting to head from Step 3 Frustration to Step 4 Alienation.

Then I decided I needed to refocus my postings getting back on the positive track and I proceeded to Step 3 Focus. I started forwarding Information that I found interesting, but didn’t fit my niche, to people who blogged about those topics. Just a short, you might find this interesting with the link and a little bit of background information. First I search their blogs to ensure they haven’t already blogged about the content already. I only send email ideas to blogs that I read and post comments. One exciting day for me, was receiving a response from Robert Scoble and he actually agreed the content I sent him was interesting.

Now I still make an effort to comment, but I am reading more feeds so it is a little more difficult. I am also trying to comment on more blogs to build relationships with more people. I am trying to figure out my own points system that I read about on ProBlogger: How to Keep Momentum Going on Your Blog with a ‘Points System’  From the post:

I work full-time on the side as well. The way I get things done is by using a point system.

Some days I don’t feel like writing, some days I don’t feel like commenting, some days I don’t feel like networking, or whatever… I have to reach at least 50 points per day.

  • 10 points for a long blog post
  • 5 for a short one
  • 2 points for a comment on a blog I’ve commented on before
  • 5 points for commenting on a site I’ve never commented on before
  • 1 point per comment on my own blog
  • 10 points for installing a new module/plug-in, etc.


At this point I am trying to focus on Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, Online Collaborative Applications, Careers in Technology and some family content. I realize the topics are still pretty broad, but by at least having this amount of focus, I don’t feel so scattered, and don’t feel the need to blog about everything. I will post on general technology topics but I try to keep those related to my focus topics.

By trying to keep my comments good and on topic, and yes that includes reading the whole post before commenting, I am getting feedback on my on blog. I try to write quality posts – some of my more popular posts seem to be walkthroughs of technologies, or comparing how programs work.

In almost 55 days:

  • I have received 3 requests to review programs
  • I received a book proposal review request – the promise of an interesting book
  • I have been invited to a conference
  • I have a Technorati Authority of 64
  • I have had over 6,400 page views

I would say that for a new blog I am doing well. Of course I always want to do better. I need to get my points system worked out, so I will have a better metric for the effort I am putting into my blog.


9 Responses to “Blogging The First 54 Days”

  1. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    That’s very impressive I have a feeling you’ll go far with your website. I really enjoy the mix you have going I really love the tech advice you give, and I’m enjoying that you toss in a little bit of your personal life. If I could fin a Mac equivalent tech blog to visit. I would be in tech heaven.

    I have to admit I do badly with technorati. My authority is 161 and my rank is 31,216. I don’t get their system too much, and I really haven’t taken the time to learn it for example; I don’t have the tech fave button anywhere on my website. I guess I should feature it.

    This week is my time to improve on Vegan Momma so perhaps I’ll add that button to my website.

    I really love the points system I do something similar. I cannot believe I overlooked that post by ProBlogger. I’m also adding my other blogs to the point system. I’m writing down days where I must add content to the blogs.

  2. Arpit Jacob Says:

    very impressive and great post. I like your graph on alternate stages of blogging. My own blog is barely 3 months old. I found two key things
    1. be Consistent.
    2. build relationships.

    By the way you got yourself a new rss reader 🙂

  3. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it. I thought the blog post on the points system was really good, and worth mentioning.

    Arpit – Welcome, it is great to have new readers. I really like the layout of your blog, very easy to navigate and read. I strive to have a solid layout like you do, but that is in the future.
    Initially Ken Newsome of created the Alternate Stages of Blogging chart, but only had the Abandonment track on it. Jeremiah added the achievement track. It was actually Jeremiah’s post that helped me refocus on my blog.

  4. Thomas - Technical Blogger Building Technorati Authority and Rank « Says:

    […] my previous post, Blogging The First 54 Days, I mentioned that I was able to achieve a Technorati Authority of 64 in a little over 50 […]

  5. Magnus Says:

    Thanks I will start doing this myself

  6. Thomas - Technical Blogger Statistics After 90 Days of Blogging « Says:

    […] gave my last blog metrics 36 days ago in my post Blogging The First 54 Days on […]

  7. Farhat Nasir Says:

    Awesome Post! It is a well informative post totally focused on the topic.I will try to follow the point system described here. Thanks for such a “Guide” for new bloggers.However! Will any person give me a clue “How much points can be earned in one day on Technorati?”

  8. Revoseek Says:

    Your Finding and work is really Appreciable! and very helpful for my new site.

  9. Lisa Says:

    I know this is a very old post, but I somehow ended up here and wanted to say thanks for the info! I have to admit I’m still a bit confused about Technorati; it’s not very intuitive to say the least. Their blog search / directory only seems to show the tip of the iceberg and I find it difficult to find small blogs that don’t necessarily revolve around super popular topics.

    I love your 50 points / day strategy! I think I’m going to use it 🙂

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